Fossella Pleads Guilty, Will Serve 5 Days for DUI


Rather than challenge an earlier decision finding him guilty of drunk driving — the result of an arrest that eventually revealed his longterm extramarital affair and ended his Congressional career — Vito Fossella dropped his plan to appeal, pleaded guilty in a Virginia courtroom and accepted a five-day jail term. Fossella’s lawyer tells the Daily News that Fossella was “moved” by the recent drunk-driver hit-and-run death of Angels pitcher Nick Adenhart not to contest the charges, though by “moved” he seems to mean Fossella expected less clemency because of the publicity surrounding the incident. Also, Fossella may just want to get this out of the way so he can resume the big comeback he’s been working on. Hell, on Staten Island, doing time might just add to his cred — especially if he blames it on nanny-state Democrats. Photo (cc) davidsilver.