Massa Pushes Bill to Kill Tiered Internet Pricing


New York Democratic Congressman Eric Massa (pictured) is grabbing headlines while the grabbing’s good. The recent pirate story gave him a chance to talk about his “Days of Patroling for Pirates” as a sailor. And Time Warner’s threat of tiered internet service — offering lower prices to light users, but with stiff overage charges, much like those found in cellphone plans — has got Massa pushing a bill prohibiting such pricing, which Time Warner is testing in Rochester and which Massa claims “has the potential to more than triple customers’ current rates.” Time Warner says the pricing is needed to prevent “internet brownouts” due to an “explosion of online content by 2012.” “Where did they find that one,” asks Robb Topolski of the Open Technology Initiative, “some old press release by Enron?… There is no Internet brownout on the horizon.” Massa says “The Massa Broadband Internet Fairness Act” is currently being drafted.


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