New York Newcomers Story Turns Out Happily for Rich, Famous People


New York magazine has produced that article about New York noobs and why they come here, which we saw them working on earlier, and about all you need to know about it is in this quote: “Many offered some variation on ‘I came here to live out my dream.'” If you can stomach more, a former nanny says she’s not sure how she’ll pay her phone bill but “I am confident this city will continue to open up for me in ways that I cannot even imagine.” With that, New York tires of the little people and moves on to celebrities, like Rufus Wainwright, who “came to New York and worked three jobs” even though he’s the son of successful recording artists — maybe it was a hazing ceremony of some kind — and had lots of heroin and sex. That’s more interesting than some nanny’s desperately optimistic boilerplate! Albert Hammond Jr., also a son of success, recalls “Getting a job at Kim’s Video was harder than joining a band” and “It was only a month after living here that I met Julian Casablancas. His father had a modeling agency called Elite.” Lorne Michaels talks about his first trip to Brooks Brothers. Now the article has revived our old dream of running amok with a machine gun. See, New York, like New York, is a constant source of inspiration.


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