On Fall Out Boy’s Lil Wayne-Featuring “America’s Suitehearts” Remix


You may have thought, when you saw Fall Out Boy’s Lil Wayne-featuring “American Suitehearts” remix floating around the internet, something like: Lil Wayne will be rapping. Maybe you thought: That rap-rock track from Timbaland’s last solo record, also featuring Fall Out Boy, was totally abysmal. But that would be severely underestimating the man who wrote “Hot Revolver,” easily the strangest, most complicated, unfathomable rock song by a rapper, ever. Which is to say that although Wayne cannot save “America’s Suitehearts,” not really, he can in fact raise his voice in garbled, horse, throat-scraping polyphony right around the 2:11 mark, an android Cookie Monster reaching for the stars high and bright above, the tail end of his outcry flickering, sputtering, like fireworks even now disintegrating across the night sky.

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