Pastor Attacks Yankees in Obama’s Presence!


We assume the Daily News was just being playful when it compared anti-Yankees comments made by Reverend Luis Leon in President Obama’s presence Sunday to the controversial remarks made by Reverend Wright during the late Presidential campaign. Leon said during services attended by the Obamas in D.C.’s St. John’s Church that two Orioles victories over the Yankees means “the world lives in hope” and admitted “I hate the Yankees,” which of course puts him in the company of all right-thinking Americans. The News said, “When it comes to church, President Obama can’t avoid trouble,” and reported that though many parishoners laughed at the anti-Yankee remarks, “It was unclear whether the Obamas joined in.”

But you had to know that somewhere in our sick society, someone would take it very seriously indeed: Rightblogger Weasel Zippers said the News‘ report “is obviously manufactured to create the illusion that Rev. Wright hateful rants were not really relevant to understand who Obama is.”

To their credit, other rightbloggers devoted themselves to more important stories such as the White House dog and the criminal overcoverage of same by the liberal press.

“With everything going on here and across the world,” cried Wake Up America, “one would think Wapo ad better and more newsworthy things to write about. Is it any wonder major newspapers are bleeding money?” Don Surber disputed the White House’s story of how the dog was named (“Never mind that the president’s initials are BO”) and then demanding more coverage of Caroline Kennedy’s allegedly aborted Vatican appointment — the dog, like the Yankees-hating pastor, being a sinister White House cover-up for seemingly unrelated news. (Surber’s follow-up: “The Associated Press did follow up, and discovered the Vatican denied the report. Interesting.”)

With this, Obama’s unsuccessful pirate rescue, and of course the fake but accurate pizza story, it’ll be a miracle if Obama can evade impeachment in the Second Life Senate by June.


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