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PD Roundup: Nut Kill, Suicide, Coverup, Cameras Cleared


Lots of cops in the news today. Yesterday officers tried rubber bullets and tasers on knife-wielding, deranged Mauricio Jacques yesterday, and when that did not dissuade him from his stated mission to kill his wife and children, the cops shot him dead. Also this weekend, a cop shot at his cop wife and her alleged cop boyfriend before shooting his cop self; though the survivors deny romantic involvement, the dead cop’s sister showed the New York Post a voucher indicating that the man was taking the cop’s wife and kids to Sea World, for whatever that’s worth.

There’s even worse news up in Mount Vernon, where a civil lawsuit charged that a cop-on-cop homicide previously dismissed in court — partly on the grounds that the slain officer had not identified himself — was actually the willful shooting of a police officer, and that Frank Oliveri “secreted” the badge of his victim, Christopher Ridley, to back up his story that he thought he was killing a lawbreaker. The suit also charges that Westchester District Attorney Janet DiFiore was in on the cover-up.

About the best news, from a civilian standpoint, is that cops are being officially reminded “that photography and videotaping in public areas is legal” — possibly spurred by the case of Robert Taylor, whose bogus detention was widely noticed and may have embarrassed 1PP into action. Well, there’s always “loitering” and “resisting arrest.” Photo (cc) digiart2001.

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