SleepWhenDead’s Fourth Subway Show This Saturday, Starring the Eskalators and the Beets


Everybody knows this Saturday’s Snuggie Pub Crawl is a really just a flash-mob toga party for midtown d-bags, so while the television press flies descend on the $20 shitshow for their nightly news spot footage, we heartily encourage you to head much, much farther downtown for something mobile that’s actually inspired: a 1 Train subway show organized by SleepWhenDead dude Joe Ahearn. We’ve championed these subway shows more than once in the past, but this time we’ll leave it to Ahearn to describe the frenetic scene, as he did in last month’s New York Magazine: “I’ve been doing a series on subway cars–the J, A, and 7–centered around this band called the Eskalators. The fifteen of them spread out through the whole car. You’re just dancing next to the flute player, the violin player, or the trumpet player; people are crowd-surfing and having a total blast. The train’s also full of normal people, who I would think are also having a blast. One guy on the 7 train asked a player for his trumpet. He did a solo during the song and then got off at the next stop.” This crawl begins at the South Ferry Station, wraps up in Van Cortlant Park, and the blankets with arms will belong to actual bums. Yes. [SleepWhenDead]

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