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Stars of Tomorrow! Get ‘Em Here First!


When I saw In The Heights, the peppy Broadway musical which is very Electric Company comes to your barrio, I brilliantly noticed the smoldering talent of Karen Olivo in a supporting role and told everyone about her hot culo. Now that Olivo is Tony bound for her fiery Anita in West Side Story, I can once again say “Fuck you, world. I was right!”

And now, you can partake of my glorious wisdom in talent spotting and help me celebrate some NEW future biggies. They’re the ones who don’t necessarily get all the hoopla because their roles are smallish, but as everyone in the biz has always known, there are no small roles, only small people. And these people are gigunda!

My current faves are:

Katherine Tokarz. Currently in the ensemble of Rock of Ages, Tokarz is a hot combo of a young Jennifer Tilly meets Parker Posey on the way to the Sunset Strip. I first noticed her in White Christmas, of all things, and now she’s more in her metier romping around the rock club to jukebox tunes. And she has great comic timing. The girl needs to star in a revival of Born Yesterday. Today.

Blair Ross. Tall and deadpan, Ross does a wonderfully witty impression of Liza’s godmother Kay Thompson in a bizarrre musical called Being Audrey, about a woman who wants to be Audrey Hepburn. I want to be Blair Ross.

Dana Musgrove. She’s currently shining in a not-big-enough role in Brunch The Musical, in which she’s a server who’s obsessed with Kevin Bacon. With that voice, Musgrove belongs on American Idol–and she has no scandals in her past except that she was once a singing waitress at Ellen’s Stardust Diner!

Catch ’em now, folks. Thank me later.

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