Booze News–Jay-Z Has a New Bubbly to Match His Bling, Guinness Touts a New Stout with More Zing


Guinness has unveiled a new stout available for a limited time in the US. The maltier, fizzier Guinness 250th Anniversary Stout can be poured all in one shot, unlike the original which requires a two-part pour.

Since Cristal’s maker revealed that he would rather not have hip-hop artists associated with this product, Jay-Z has been brandishing bottles of Armand de Brignac in his videos. Now, the small champagne house says demand is so high that it could sell its entire annual production several times over.

The Times has posted a collection of comments to its Proof blog, as part of the blog’s Last Call roundup. The blog, which ran from late last year until early this month, featured writers musing about their relationship to alcohol. The blog is expected to start again at some point.
[NY Times]

Eric Asimov touts the virtues of wine on tap. Serving wine out of kegs cuts out packaging costs and can help to keep wines fresher than they would be in bottles.
[NY Times]

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