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Madonna Buys $40 Million Townhouse, Bless Her


Did we ever tell you we used to live in Madonna’s building? Well, we mean the building Madonna used to live in, near the corner of East 4th and Avenue B. It was a dump, and convenient to the East Village clubs and drug dealers. Flash forward to 2009, and we are still living in a dump — though not the same one (Brooklyn represent!), and Madonna has reportedly just bought a four-story townhouse at 152 East 81st Street. We take no comfort in the mean things some realtors have to say about the $40 million building; if it really is on an “un-chic” block that “may as well be on the moon,” it is much to Madonna’s credit that she is content, in this advanced stage of her life, to ignore trends and spent her declining years wandering the aisles of Chloé and catching matinees at the Beekman. Plus it’s a Georgian townhouse, so when she’s home alone at night she can talk to her cat in a British accent and make believe she’s in a Jane Austen novel talking to Mr. D’Urby or something. As for us, we’re perfectly happy with our accommodations, too: North Greenpoint is so vital, don’t you find?


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