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Marlee Matlin: Bill Hurt Beat Me Up


Now Marlee Matlin’s got a tell-all book out, in which she accuses actor Bill Hurt of abuse. She was 19 and he was 35 when they became involved on the set of Children of a Lesser God, and during their time together, though he had only a year earlier been so sensitive and sweet in Kiss of the Spider Woman, “I always had fresh bruises everyday,” says Matlin — not to mention cocaine, which may have made the abuse easier to ignore or forget entirely. Celebitchy reports that the famously self-expressive Hurt apparently still likes to get drunk and assault people, so Matlin better watch it; if he gets her alone, no one will be able to understand what she’s yelling, and they might think she just wants them to bring her a soda or something.

Photo (cc) sheksays.

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