Martha Cooper in the Times, Her Sweet Os Gemeos Tribute There Too


We’re thrilled to see the inimitable Martha Cooper still getting mainstream shine–we’ve certainly repped her work whenever we get the chance. But what was interesting about Friday’s short Times profile wasn’t just the insane old-school shot of a young Futura 2000, but the above photo of Cooper in her uptown living room. See that orangey painting above her desk? You can’t peep the whole thing, but it’s a portrait of her done by Os Gemeos–she’s sitting on a miniature train, the twins tribute to Subway Art.

We were supposed to see this piece in its intended habitat in February when we interviewed Ms. Cooper for this, but ironically, we got stuck on the train and had to meet up elsewhere. So thanks Times! This shot finally makes up for the time you dissed us in print.

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