Mets Open “Tomb,” Play Badly for Rich People


The Mets opened their new stadium last night, with much the same enthusastic response as before from the sort of people who can afford to go there (including the guy who bought Bernie Madoff’s tickets for $7,500). The verdict was not unanimous — spoilsport Wallace Matthews of Newsday said, “when Mets ownership decided to cut out those 13,000 cheap seats from the top of their new park, they also eliminated the people who made most of the noise at Shea,” called Citi Field a “ridiculously expensive tomb,” and overheard one of Monday night’s many early-exiting “fans” telling a friend, “Let’s get out of here and get a latte.” (Matthews also said the “Let’s Go Mets” chant didn’t catch on, “but then, most of the people in the park might never have heard it before.”)

Nonetheless the team made the evening special by having Pedro Feliciano balk in the winning run. (They primed for the event Sunday by having Daniel Murphy drop a fly ball, spoiling a Johan Santana gem and putting the team in the appropriate confused frame of mind for opening night.) The Mets are 3-4 now, but don’t worry — all their off-season spending will surely lead to the expected result. Image via DeeNatz.


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