Paterson, Hated by All, Turns to Gays as Last Resort


Bad news, Governor: the unions are flipping out over your proposed civil service givebacks or layoffs, and Andy Cuomo’s scooping up your lost support. The MTA may announce another round of service cuts. Your name is even getting booed at Mets games. It’s time to drop the gay bomb! As we said before, they got the mojo and boy could you use some. You’ve already weathered the blowback from Tom Duane — which was admittedly harsh, as he said in so many words that if Spitzer were still Governor they would have had this passed already — and now Pride Agenda is saying nice things. Hell, even Gawker isn’t totally dismissive. This is the closest thing you’ve seen to a win in months. So work it, Gov! If nothing else, it will give you some brilliant memories to warm your rapidly approaching retirement years.


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