Pre-Tea Party Tweets Warn of Martial Law, B.O.


Tomorrow the big Tea Party day of protests against taxes, Obama, socialism, and black helicopters. Let’s see what the vibe is among the #teaparty twitterers:

“I wonder how many will be under surveilance?”

MUST READ FOR TOMORROW: Heritage Talking Points for Tax Day Tea Party.”

“#TeaParty rap video worth a click and r/t: http://tinyurl.com/df8y3y.” (warning: ugh)

“yes, we know exactly what ‘teabagging’ means… is that all you have to offer? similarities between words?”

“All of this breaking terror watch news with TEA parties is just a form of intimidation.”

“We are not letting the ball fall off the table, we are picking it up and running, and no more spreading of wealth, corruptDC”

“Barry Soetoro is his legal name, not Barack Obama. His mother and grandparents were Communists. WAKE UP PPL!”

“‘B.O. Smells Like Socialism’ /// ha!”

“attendees, please be on your best behavior.. the government is looking for any opportunity to issue martial law

10-4, tweeps! But short-form doesn’t do your cause justice: we give the Palm D’Ork to Carolyn Hart of Free Republic, and her patriotic Tea Party Poem:

I can feel my country dying.
Can you not feel it too?
Can you feel the pain and terror
As the tyrant comes to view?

I can feel my country dying.
I feel it every day.
As Lady Liberty stumbles
And freedom slowly loses its way.

Can you feel the dark age coming
As it creeps across the land?
Can you feel the bright light dying
As civilization is damned? 1

Thank God there are those who see it clear
Who know the time is nigh
When they must rise above their fear
And reclaim what will not die.

The patriots have seen the death throes
And have come together as one
To take responsibility
And to do what must be done 2.

Patrick Henry would be proud of these patriots.
And so would Thomas Paine 3.
And a Paul Revere should volunteer
To gallop his ride again.


1 Producer wanted us to end it here. But, like Harvey Milk said, ya gotta give ’em hope!
2 To be accompanied by sound of musket fire, Theme from “Deliverance.”
3 Be it noted that the commie atheist Tom Paine is only there for the rhyme.

We just hope a black velvet painting version of this scene becomes commercially available before Christmas. (h/t DU.)


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