Sikh Unwantedly Trimmed in Med Center, Family Gets $20K


Respect the diversity, motherfucker, or pay up! Pyara Singh Sahansra (pictured) was an elderly Sikh gentlemen suffering from Altzheimer’s and staying at Westchester Medical Center. Owing to their religious strictures, his family put a sign up requesting that, no matter what, even in death, Pyara Singh’s beard and hair must not be shaved. Medical Center personnel discarded the signs, said don’t worry, we’ll remember, and then shaved the poor guy anyway. He died a month later, and the lawsuit began. Now it’s resolved and not only does the Medical Center have to pay the family $20,000 — it also has to implement “training of the facility’s employees on Sikh patients’ care.” They won’t get sloppy with Sikhism anytime soon. Now bring us our special-diet food, bitches! Photo via sikhsangat.


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