Starter Apartments of the Literary Rich and Famous


Curbed posts photos from a one bedroom apartment, $450,000 for 800 square feet, belonging to one Gary Shteyngart, who wrote the somewhat hilarious The Russian Debutante’s Handbook and, in the very confines described above, Absurdistan. Or so brags the realtor: “How quiet, serene, and wonderful is this 1-bedroom apartment with balcony? So quiet, serene and wonderful that one of the top 5 best novels of 2006 (NYT Book Review) was written here (can’t write one of those just anywhere!)” We guess that was also the novel that catapulted him to greener pastures, out of the “flooded with sunlight dusk to dawn” idyll. And what to make of this part of the listing? “(Shh! If you figure it out, don’t tell the author we are shamelessly using his stature & fame to sell his apartment.)” One can almost imagine the gnashing of regretful, resentful teeth resounding across those 800 feet as the apartment’s new inhabitant tries and, despite the “treetop views of the downtown skyline,” utterly fails to write one of top 5 best novels of 2006.

“On the Market: Author Gary Shteyngart Selling on LES” [Curbed]

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