Streets Song Twittering Begins. First Up: The Anti-Technology Ode “I Love My Phone”


Mike Skinner posts the first of the three (well, maybe three) songs he intends on unleashing via Twitter, cause hey–“I can’t be bothered with all this trying to sell you music. It wastes valuable time.” The track is called “I Love My Phone,” sarcasm very much implied. “How would I survive without my outside line,” etc. Which, great, although there’s something unquestionably sad or at least confounding about Skinner posting this song via even the more intrusive/consuming/modern technology that is Twitter–either a cry for help or a nice little dose of irony. Probably a little bit of both, at the end of the day, given that he’s such a self-aware guy and all. [Mike Skinner, h/t Pitchfork]

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