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The Closet Still Rules Show Biz | Village Voice


The Closet Still Rules Show Biz


I have long deluded myself that, because the media has made so many advances in reporting on gay issues and personalities, and because so many power figures have stepped out of the closet, things have totally changed in the biz, and being out and proud has become more popular than hiding out in fear.

Then I went to an opening night party for a show and met some of the cast. One of them, who’d totally flamed around onstage (delightfully, mind you), turned out to be a bible thumper with a girlfriend. Another ambiguous guy who even called me “Blanche,” was sporting a female on his arm. And a third performer, who seemed as gay as Ikea on Super Bowl Sunday, also puts the word out that he’s het. And so, while the casual observer might have seen three big metrosexuals in the room, my weary eyes saw three giant closet cases.

Is show biz still such a terrifying place for the homosex that some people have to dissemble and play out a charade? Free answer: Pathetically enough, yes, it is! Don’t forget that, even though a bunch of stars have come out, they only did so when they were already established and generally when they were already outed elsewhere. They had no choice! For someone on the way up, sadly enough, the closet is a place not only for props and makeup, but for identity too. This is so distressing I may never go to a party again.

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