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Despite Late Jameson Surge, Bloomberg Clicks With Jobs, Against Superfund


See, it could always be worse: Urbanite reports that a new issue of Spider-Man will have newspaperman J.J. Jameson, the webslinger’s arch-nemesis, elected Mayor of New York. No word as to whether the cigar-chomping Bugle editor will end the smoking ban.

It’s fun to hear Spider-Man writer Dan Slott rhapsodize the new Mayor (“He’s an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a newspaper”), but remember it’s all fantasy — Bloomberg will be mayor forever, or until he buys Bermuda and becomes its King. And Mayor Mike is on a roll; yesteday he announced that his Workforce1 career centers placed 5,000 citizens in jobs in the first quarter — a 23 percent increase over 1Q last year.

And last night he took a brave stand against the proposed Superfund cleanup of the Gowanus Canal.

The director of his Office of Environmental Remediation told a hearing at Public School 32 that the Fed cleanup would have a “chilling effect” on rezoning, a stand which should please opponents of the plan, including Toll Brothers, who want to build a luxury apartment building on the banks of the Gowanus without noisy sluice pumps making the property less desirable.

It’s this kind of pandering to real estate interests that has made the Mayor popular with power brokers and threatens to keep him in City Hall no matter how much newspaper nosey-bodies like Jonah Jameson, or us, rant and rave.


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