Does Madonna Really Care About Malawi?


Madonna doesn’t have an altruistic bone in her body,” states a friend of mine, flatly. “She’s the most use-people-and-spit-them out type of driven manipulator in history.”

Point taken–but let’s be uncharacteristically kind for a second. Maybe that was the old Madonna. Perhaps maturity and longtime success, mixed with her spritual awakening, have brought the half-clad superstar to a place where she actually longs to use her fame to make a difference in world affairs. Lord knows she’s not backing down in the face of her latest failed adoption attempt. Couldn’t Madge be sincere in wanting not only to snatch another black baby and take it to a pampered lifestyle, but also to shine a spotlight on the woes of Malawi (and all of Africa) for their own good? Couldn’t she be righteously appalled at the poverty and disease rampant in the dark continent, finding herself “burning up” with an urge to force attention onto the plight of the underprivileged?

Might my girl Madonna not be motivated by a real sense of charity rather than just a driving need to beat Angelina at her own p.r. game? Or have I just gone “borderline”?

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