Fast Food Makes Kids Fat & Happy; KFC Launches Lower-fat Grilled Chicken


We all know that kids who regularly eat fast food are more likely to be overweight. But a new study suggests that these kids are also more likely to be happier. Apparently, “There’s a reason they’re called Happy Meals.”
[LA Times]

A Rutgers study has found that many Americans ignore food recalls. Upon hearing of a recall, only 60 percent search their homes for potentially poisonous foods, and about half of respondents said recalls have had no impact on their lives at all.

Mark Bittman bemoans the charade that is the TV cooking show. “Hey. Things catch fire sometimes, even in ‘real’ kitchens,” says The Minimalist. “In restaurants, good restaurants, chefs do these over. On TV, chefs gloss these over.”
[NY Times]

Watch out, Splenda. A new fake sugar is in town: rebaudioside A, an extract from the leaves of the stevia plant, has been approved by the FDA. Green packets of it will soon join the pink, yellow and blue packets on restaurant tables.
[NY Times]

KFC has launched grilled chicken, which has less than half the fat and calories of the original recipe. The company tried to launch rotisserie chicken in the past unsuccessfully, but new technology is expected to improve results this time around.


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