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Just a follow-up: if you like the Times story Tom Robbins mentions in the last post, you might also like the one Graham Rayman did last year on the sleazy Lehman Brothers operation Aurora, which basically claimed non-payment without cause on its customers and then seized their properties. That’s how the big boys rip off homeowners!

Of course, the small-timers described today at least use a little ingenuity rather than the mere arrogance of power employed by Dick Fuld’s scumbags. And it’s surprisingly easy for them to do their $4 to $6 billion a year funny business. You should check out Rachel Dollar’s Mortgage Fraud Blog — particularly the New York section, which seems to have a new story every couple of days. One recent example involves Enrique Castillo, aka Enrique Fernandez, who claimed a Harlem brownstone had been conveyed to him “for zero consideration” and, through the use of forged instruments (notary seal, SS card, deed, etc.) sucked money out of the property for a year and a half. Sort of makes you want to check your filings, doesn’t it?

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