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New Guy Takes Over at St. Pat’s


We aren’t often treated to the sight of the new guy rapping on the door of St. Patrick’s Cathedral with a little hammer to signal he’s ready to take over. So both the secular and holy press are ga-ga over the investiture ceremonies of new AB Timothy Dolan. Dolan’s nine blows “sounded faintly, like a construction worker hammering a picture hanger into a distant wall” (Times) and outgoing shepherd Eddie Egan opened the door and welcomed Dolan warmly. As has been done since the days of St. Peter, the new Archbishop also held a press conference, at which he said that while he may implement “changes in style,” he will “still try to apply the immutable teachings of Jesus and his church to contemporary situations.” The Church is pretty set in its ways, but matters of style mean a lot in this mediagenic diocese. When Cardinal Spellman sent Pope Pius XI a Cadillac with gold door handles, that, friends, was style! Dolan, though a gregarious sort, has some catching up to do — he hasn’t even picked a local team to root for. But he does say that Archbishop Fulton Sheen is one of his heroes, and that man could swish vestments with the best of them, and on TV too. We’re ready for your close-up, Excellency!



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