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NY-20 Vote Count Slogs On: Gillibrand, Military Ballots Disputed


Voters in New York’s 20th District, like everyone else, have to pay taxes today, but they won’t get representation for several weeks at least. They’re still counting the ballots in the NY-20 Congressional special election and so far it’s looking good for Democrat Scott Murphy, up 168 votes at last tally. But they’re still disputing votes too — the latest gambit by Republican supporters of Jim Tedisco was to question former Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand’s absentee ballot on the grounds that she was in the district that day and should have used a machine. The GOP is also claiming that absentee military voters were disenfranchised — despite the extra days the U.S. Department of Justice demanded, which kept the absentee count going through April 13th. Republicans claim that since only about a fourth of those ballots made back to the BOE, the servicemembers should get double overtime.

Despite this nefarious disenfranchisement, about 1,200 absentee ballots remain to be opened and a judge has ordered that count to start on Monday, which means another round of objections and lawsuits.



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