Ponytail+Think About Life


Joining Baltimore weirdoes Dan Deacon, Spank Rock, and (ahem) John Waters, four-piece Ponytail combine Deerhoof’s ambient girl-babbling with intricate progressive guitar work to create frenzied noise jams that still feel fresh and poppy. Their tour-de-force is 2008’s single “Celebrate The Body Electric,” a much-blogged-about jubilant guitar dirge that shrieks and combusts its way into a slaphappy party track (for meth heads and Melt Banana fans, anyway). Tonight on North 6th, they’ll be accompanied by famed Montreal disco three-piece Think About Life (including Miracle Fortress a/k/a Graham Pelt!), sure to stir the raucous crowd Ponytail deserves. So whip it, Brooklyn. Whip it good.

Sat., April 25, 9 p.m., 2009