The Ben Greenman Swamp Dogg Collabo Is Finally Here


New Yorker writer Ben Greenman’s new novel Please Step Back is, in the tradition of Jonathan Lethem’s You Don’t Love Me Yet or DeLillo’s Great Jones Street, a rock n’ roll fantasy about a “funk rock” star plausibly named Rock Foxx. In the book, which is due out next week, Greenman bravely ventured some Foxx lyrics (we continue to shudder when recalling “Monster Eyes,” You Don’t Love Me‘s hit single, which had as its chorus “Get you/out of range/of my/monster/eyes”), and eventually, located a real life (or, uh, sort of real life) singer to sing them: Swamp Dogg, the somewhat legendary auteur behind ’70s follies Total Destruction to Your Mind and Rat On!. Largehearted Boy has the full story, along with the actual mp3 of a song entitled “Please Step Back.” According to Greenman:

    We discussed the two possibilities. He could either create a song that sounded like it came from 1973, and in doing so play the role of my fake funk star, or he could create a song that sounded like it came from 2009, and play himself, covering my fake funk star’s song. He chose the latter.

Find the possibly convincing, blown-out results here. Definitely some presets in full effect…

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