LGBT Criminals Ruin It For Everyone


Skylar Deleon, the one-time costar of the immortal Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, has been handed the death sentence because he killed a couple, supposedly to get money to finance his own sex change operation. Thanks, a lot, Skylar! You have shamefully joined the hordes of LGBT criminals who have ruined it for the rest of us who so fervently try to convince the media that gays are OK!

It seems as if every time we so aggressively push the fact that movies and press reports contain gross stereotypes of gay villains, along comes a Skylar — or a Jeffrey Dahmer or a Michael Alig or the freak who killed the radio guy — to prove that gays can indeed be every bit as evil as even Republicans. For every shred of progress we make in pushing the notion that gays are responsible citizens who deserve equal rights, there comes a cleaver-wielding freak to set LGBT rights back to when Judy Garland was alive.

But then one brilliantly realizes: Hey, queers are people too! The vast majority of them (i.e., us) are OK and might even have good taste. The fact that some of them break the law in big ways is an anomaly, just as with straights. Their criminality is not related to their sexuality — and if it is, it’s because they went psycho partly as a result of society’s oppression of them. (See Aileen Wuornos.) If anyone disagrees with that, I’ll come at you with a hot hairdryer.

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