Live: Let’s Go Yell Dopey Shit at Flight of the Conchords


Flight of the Conchords
Radio City Music Hall
Wednesday, April 15

Let us revel in these times, wherein two goofy-looking New Zealand dudes can sell out Radio City and take the stage in chintzy robot costumes to perform the song “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor,” which ends prematurely when Bret trips and inadvertently smashes a toy piano. A backup toy piano, purchased apparently for this precise occasion, is wheeled out, and the show goes on, “the show” largely consisting of a rowdy crowd yelling random dopey things at our heroes: “Where’s Murray? Where’s Eugene?” Etc. “So many questions about the whereabouts of people we know,” Jemaine notes, dryly, which is the way Jemaine notes everything. “How about if I pick someone? Where’s your niece?”

Heartening indeed that such a fantastically deadpan, precociously lo-fi comedy-duo operation has risen to such great heights — their second season had astounding highs and befuddling lows, but the post-rap-battle lament “Hurt Feelings” (rhyming “casserole” with “prize asshole”) and the expert R. Kelly rip “We’re Both in Love With a Sexy Lady” go over just fine, as does, of course, the one about the most beautiful girl in the room, “Business Time,” and (personal favorite) “If You’re Into It.” They don’t seem as dwarfed in such a big room as you’d imagine (perhaps mostly due to all the riled-up fans yelling dumb shit at them), and their absurdly dry banter/random piano-smashing moments are probably their biggest draw live, but when it’s all said and done FOTC’s contribution to the canon will be “Carol Brown,” the ex-girlfriend choir one, which is, on reflection, outrageously beautiful, a better Magnetic Fields song than anything Magnetic Fields has offered in years. We’re lucky these guys discovered the Lower East Side.

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