Massa, Schumer Force Time Warner to Drop Tiered Internet Pricing


We mentioned Monday that Congressman Eric Massa (pictured) has been pushing a bill to outlaw tiered internet service, inspired by Time Warner Cable’s attempt to introduce higher rates for heavy users in Rochester, New York, part of Massa’s district, and two other jurisdictions. It looks as if Time Warner has backed down: they’ve suspended the pilot program.

They did so despite recent claims by Time Warner spokesmen that the company needed the money to upgrade its network (despite rising profits) and that “if we don’t act, consumers’ internet experience will suffer.”

Chuck Schumer, who had also muscled Time Warner to lay off, announced the capitulation at what was apparently planned as a protest rally in front of the company’s Rochester hub; it became a celebration of the reversal, in which Schumer was joined by contrite Time Warner executives.

Massa says he’s still going to push the bill “to ensure that any future plans to charge customers based on how much they download do not spring up anywhere else.” And Time Warner said they “look forward to continuing to work with Senator Schumer, our customers and all of the other interested parties as the process moves forward.”

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