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Rightwing, Tea’d Out, Returns to Galt-Going





Now that the tea parties are settled, we can return to traditional conservative concerns — sloppy dressers, and Going Galt. George Will today decries the common herd’s taste for denim (did you know that even “Silicon Valley billionaires” wear it?), TV programming that “frequently features childlike adults,” “six — so far — ‘Batman” adventures,” and the kids who left a flaming bag of poo on his porch. The lipless columnist pleads for a return to the values of Fred Astaire, Grace Kelly, and Edmund Burke.

What would Will make of the new wave of back-to-the-land “economic survivalists” with their woodpiles, hog wallows, and canning? Al Fin knows what to make of them: they’re unconsciously Goin’ Galt! “This is gradual self-extraction from the mainstream economy,” he analyzes, “A form of stealth ‘John Galt-ing’ that is unlikely to be broadly noticed until it has penetrated deeply into the productive population.” And then it’ll be too late — all the big-brains will be living in the country, leaving Obama’s “brain-rotted following” in the cities and suburbs to perish. Thus will America’s greatness be reborn. Suck on that, Alexander Hamilton!

Galt is also seen at the tea parties. “A couple of the speakers tonight referenced John Galt,” notes Right in Dallas. “The hat close up says GOLD IS MONEY,” reports another tea party correspondent. “John Galt!” “‘Tea parties.’ ‘Going Galt.’ You’ve probably seen a growing number of references to these in the media,” says The Atlas Society. “The ideas in Atlas Shrugged can be powerful moral weapons to roll back the forces of repression and irrationality.”

Imagine telling these folks they not only have to carry signs, but also have to read a thousand-page book! It will probably send them back to writing letters to the editor.

“Tax Receipts Plummet as Americans ‘Go Galt,'” says Pajamas Media. “It’s clear that quite a few ordinarily industrious people ‘went Galt’ months before the tea party movement even came into existence.”

Those who wish to follow the wisdom of Ayn Rand without running the risk of tax evasion may invest in the Bank of Georgia’s Galt & Taggart Securities wealth management services. Last week their Index rose 13.2 percent. See? As our rightblogger brethren have show, there is a way to make this Galt thing pay, as long as you don’t take it too seriously.


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