Streets Twitter Deluge Ends. Or Uh, Wait–Three More?


Thus ends the three song Twitter ejaculation Mike Skinner promised earlier this week: the in-retrospect highlight and first salvo cellphone screed “I Love My Phone,” which we’re pretty sure uses the word “juddering”; “Trust Me,” a kind of discofied delivery vehicle for a really obscure Tricky quote; and “David Hassles,” a maddeningly annoying stream of clichés that is either vehemently pro- or vehemently anti- Cockney rhyming slang, unclear, and which seems like the kind of thing you might produce if you locked yourself in the house and forced yourself to come up with rhymes for song after song, until you had delivered upon your initial, potentially ill-conceived promise. So, uh–thanks? And three more are on the way, you say?

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