The Susan Boyle Phenomenon Is Already Getting Old



One of the week’s most clicked clips was that of Susan Boyle, the 47-year-old frump who rocked out on Britain’s Got Talent and wowed the smirks off the skeptical judges’ faces. But as someone who knows about the inner workings of TV, can I just say how phony the whole thing came off? In fact, the only shock in the whole thing for me is that people are taking it at face value!

First off, Boyle–if that’s even really her name–was obviously drabbed down for effect, so you’d think she was some crazy woman off the street. The dialogue before her song came off completely calculated too, with her even stumbling for a second to cement the idea that she’s a bit daft and totally amateur. And the judges all assumed this “Give me a break” stance–with seemingly rehearsed audience reaction shots thrown in–all to stack the deck against saucy Susan.

And then she sang her Les Miz dirge and the judges, every bit as rehearsed as before, lit up with predictable shock and glee, as I started to suspect this woman is a pro with a lot of theater credentials, probably sent down by Central Casting.

But aside from all that, what is so fucking startling about a 47-year-old being able to sing? Patti LuPone turns 60 next week!

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