New York

Tolls Coming Back to MTA Rescue?


Back in February it looked like bridge tolls were going to save us from the MTA Doomsday budget. But in March the tolls were tabled, and the MTA started lining up a crappier subway with $2.50 fares.

But hark! What do we hear from Albany? They’re talking about tolls again. Some modifications are being floated that, in true Albany Rube Goldberg fashion, would give breaks to frequent business and medical travelers, funded by new garage and taxi fees. But opposition is still stiff from some state senators, including our old Gang of Three pals Ruben Diaz, Pedro Espada, Jr. and Carl Kruger.

Is the Rube Goldberg plan just an opening bid? Maybe someone can calculate the effect of the offsets and just suggest a lower toll. Or maybe Albany can squeeze money out of some other, heretofore unexploited form of transportation. Cyclists, better get a lobby, quick!

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