Annoying Food Advertising Campaigns–Quaker Oats


 Is that a light-sabre scar I see on your cheek, Larry?

You’ve seen him on taxis, in bus shelters, in the subway, and on billboards–the Quaker Oats guy in his retrograde broad-brimmed hat beaming down on you. The crass corporate appropriation of a religion is always annoying (the plain oat cereal we love has no connection with the Quaker religion), but here the Pepsicola Corporation has finally revealed that the guy is not a solemn worshipper from the past, but an alien!

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The teaser ad for Quaker Oats as it appears on a taxi (click to attain escape velocity)

The ad features the beaming face of the Quaker Oats guy (I always assumed he was William Penn), but with his smile even more intense in a weird sort of way, as if he’d popped too many Prozacs. His eyes are a shade of blue never seen on this planet. The slogan he telepathically communicates is “Go Humans Go.” Clearly, he’s an alien who’s come down to earth to encourage us during economic hard times, right?

The rationale behind the campaign was explicated last month in the NY Times during the roll-out, wherein we discover that we’re likely to be hammered with this absurdism for a long time to come. Exploring the website attached to the campaign, we discover its manifold aspects, including harnessing the mom bloggers like trained monkeys, whose children we can imagine tugging at their publicity hungry sleeves: “Mom, where are you going? Can’t you spend some time with me?” “Shut up kid, I have to go to Times Square and shill for Quaker Oats.”

Saddest of all in the last link, we learn that the Quaker Oats alien is named Larry.

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