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Cheek, in Review: 7 Days of Runnin’ Scared


“As Christians we are sorry if you have ever felt pushed away from Church or ever felt like you didn’t fit in. That was people, not Jesus.” — message handed out by members of the Awakening Church at Union Square station.

Tea parties were all the rage — literally! We read the tea leaves and attended the New York edition. (BTW Nate Silver says attendance, which we had as 2,000+, was more like 3,500. We’re not great with crowds.) Afterwards, the participants all went Galt.

They weren’t the only ones protesting. Sohites raged at the proposed closing of their Post Office. Gays boycotted Jamaica.

The Voice uncovered an email from a crewmember of the Maersk, where the pirates were. Now they’re all home and telling their stories.

President Obama rescued the pirates, which of course was a stinging defeat for his Administration. He was also attacked by patriots for his Yankees-hating minister and his America-hating dog.

Governor Paterson jumped on the gay marriage bandwagon and proposed a bill that no one expects to pass. (Ruben Diaz, who opposes gay marriage, said Paterson should let Andrew Cuomo do it instead.)

Mayor Bloomberg got the New York GOP nomination for his third term and is working on the WFP’s. He came out against the Gowanus Superfund cleanup. He gave a guy in a wheelchair a hard time, and now people expect him to apologize. The Times noticed he’s rich.

In the Murphy-Tedisco post-election, the absentee deadline passed, and the votes were counted — or not, as Tedisco disputed many, including Kirsten Gillbrand‘s. A Republican judge found for Murphy’s side. Murphy racked up more of a lead, and Tedisco asked to be named the winner. Worth a try, anyway.

New projected World Trade Center completion date: 2030. Weep, eagle, weep!

Hey, we may get bridge tolls after all. Yippee!

There was Crap enough for one week with the Branson Country Music Cookbook and a nut’s evolution book.

Rend Smith found the machetes of Williamsburg are real, and wondered if Julissa Brisman missed a Facebook date that would have saved her life.. Graham Rayman saw his fellow reporters thrown out of 1PP (but they were given outlets for their laptops). Tom Robbins heard Christine Quinn say maybe she wouldn’t support her own party in the upcoming mayoral race. Wonder who she’s leaning toward?

We had some ideas to improve the taxis, and revealed the New York angles in next season’s “24.”

Vito Fossella pleaded guilty to DUI and got five days. Eric Massa threatened legislation against Time Warner’s tiered pricing and won the day. Those crazy New School protesters came back for more punishment. Curtis Sliwa offered us a trip to hell. Britain took Scientology too seriously. Phil Spector was found guilty and became the subject of a tell-all book. Madonna bought a townhouse. Tim Dolan took over the Archdiocese. Andrew Cuomo brought Ray Harding up on felony charges. The CDC laughed at our sorrow. Janeane Garofalo talked to Sound of the City. A little boy thought he could fly.

The Mets and Yankees opened their new stadiums and got beat. Maybe Nick Swisher should pitch more often? Two sports greats passed: Ron Fidrych and Harry Kalas. Oscar De La Hoya retired. The Jets found their schedule a shonda.

The rich got paid sabbaticals. We get the weekend off.

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