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Cranky Mayor Apologizes to Disabled Journo | Village Voice


Cranky Mayor Apologizes to Disabled Journo


The cranky mayor said he’s sorry.

At a press event today in Brooklyn, Mayor Bloomberg twice apologized to the disabled journalist whose tape recorder accidently began blaring at the press conference announcing Governor Paterson’s new gay marriage bill.

A spokesman for the mayor, Jason Post, said the Mayor approached Harris who was riding in a wheel-chair accessible van that the city makes available to the press corps. “He said he was sorry — twice,” said Post.

Harris, an advocate and blogger, was humiliated by Bloomberg after his  tape recorder accidentally begin blasting when it was nudged by an anxious photographer in the midst of the press conference. Bloomberg reacted with annoyance, waiting a full minute and 36 seconds, according to the Daily News, before Harris could turn it off. The incident aired on national televsion which was covering Paterson’s ground-breaking announcement.

Harris, whose blog is, is holding a “press availability” this afternoon at City Hall.



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