Did a Missed Facebook Date Cost Julissa Brisman Her Life?


What looks to be the Facebook page of New York City resident and masseuse Julissa Brisman, who was murdered Tuesday in a Boston hotel room where she was meeting either a massage client or a john (people are still speculating), is still up and running.

On the friend list of the profile that bears Brisman’s name is Jeramie Gray, who seems to have gotten a few wall posts from Brisman the night she was killed.

“Julissa and I were good friends from high school,” Gray wrote to us via the social networking site. “After high school we lost touch. We recently found each other on Facebook about a month ago. Since then we have been trying to meet up to hang out and talk about the old times.”

Gray suggested they get together that fateful Tuesday night. His page displays four wall posts ostensibly written by Brisman about five hours before her murder (the site displays time stamps) — cheery notes that amount to sorry, not tonight, dude. “I’m like tired for the 1st time in like forever,” one of Brisman’s posts reads.

Gray says he figured “she was going home to pass out.” But the twenty-six year-old didn’t spend the rest of her evening in bed; instead, she went to the Copley Marriott Hotel, where she was shot to death.


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