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Mayor Gives Donors Helpful To-Do List


None of this backroom deal stuff for Mayor Bloomberg: when he wants something from “the political donor community,” he gives them a pre-printed list on a little card. He first came up with the idea for the “pocket reminder” of mayoral priorities in 2006; the New York Sun found it “nifty.” Bloomberg handed out this year’s card at a luncheon yesterday for “major contributors to both political parties,” attended by Charlie Rose, Larry Summers, and a bunch of rich people. “The NYC Card sends a clear message to all those who seek political contributions in our City,” says the Mayor. “Support those who support you.” He then tapped the side of his nose and winked.

Bloomberg’s wish list includes, from Congress, a “direct infrastructure funding stream to cities,” a long-term World Trade Center health care program, a Federal Urban Innovation Fund (modeled after his own Center for Economic Opportunity), and tougher gun control; from Albany, an end to the Unincorporated Business Tax, and reauthorization of mayoral school control. Photo (cc) quinn.anya.


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