Nude Cheerleading Coach Teaches Lesson About Our Troubled Youth


At the Times Judith Warner explains to an astonished readership that young thugs who call despised peers “fag” are not necessarily implying homosexuality, but merely signifying disdain. “It’s what being called a ‘girl’ used to be, a generation or two ago,” she says. Actually, back then it was “fag” as well, as we can attest; it’s what made us the overcompensatingly butch character we have become.

On that subject, let us tell you about the cheerleading coach at Casa Roble High School in Orangeville, California, whose prior career as a Playboy model was ratted to authorities — and, as this photo shows, the world — by girls she cut from the squad, causing her termination. Was the girls’ jealousy brought on by — as Warner also mentions — “the highly sexualized identity imposed on them, long before middle school, by advertisers and pop culture”? One parent of a Casa Roble student applauded the firing of Coach Carlie Becker, aka Carlie Christine, calling it “a great example for this gal and… a great teaching moment as a mom for my child.” Students are more supportive, perhaps because they don’t want to be called fags.

The whole football team has seen the layout,” said one parent, which speaks to Warner’s further point about young people trapped in rigid, sexualized roles. This sort of thing would have a very different result in Western Europe, but alas, here we are. To wash away the bitter taste of this, we will now pound beers with our buds, and maybe get some hugs.



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