Obama Gets a Wine Named After Him; Jay-Z and his Crew Skip Out on the Bill


Some sectors of the food industry have resorted to hiring state employees to do inspections in an effort to fill in gaps where current regulation has failed. But safety advocates warn that conflicts of interest could arise.
[NY Times]

PETA is calling for the mayor of Newark to ban new fast-food joints in the city, citing a 2007 study that exposed Newark as the fattest city in New Jersey, and another study that suggests those who leave near fast-food chains are more likely to suffer a stroke.
[AP via Philly]

While Germans honored the new US president with deep fried chicken snacks, a French female winemaker, originally from Guinea, is touting a new Obama cuvee. Proceeds from the sale of the wine will go to a non-profit in Darfur.

A Finnish company is the world’s first to add a water consumption label to its product packaging. A year ago, the company introduced the CO2 label on food products.

Two record executives, who took Jay-Z and his entourage out for drinks at M2 in Chelsea, have been accused of stiffing the club on a $1,500 check. The Jigga himself dropped a $500 tip, but left before the bill was settled.
[NY Post]


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