Pirate Coming Here for Trial; Local Crewmen Talk to Press


Lots of Somali pirate aftermath in the papers today: the Post interviews local heroes from the Maersk, who describe the ordeal outlined in the Maersk email we posted on last night: dark on the ship, hot in the hold where the crew hid, scared pirate hostage, etc. The Daily News focuses on Harlem’s William Rios, who says, “I’m going to make love to my wife. I almost died.” Meanwhile Abduhl Wal-i-Musi, the lone captured pirate (his three compatriots were killed by the Navy) is being brought to New York for federal trial.

It appears Somalia is, as they say, getting tougher on piracy: a Puntland court just sentenced 17 Somali pirates captured by the French to three years apiece. Ron Paul wants the U.S. to issue letters of marque to privateers who would fight pirates; E Online speculates on how much Captain Philips would get for the movie rights (answer: not necessarily anything).


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