The Blogroll Gazette–Cook to Bang Gets a Dirty Book Deal; Yet Another “Real” Restaurant Girl Tries to Fake Us Out


Cunni-Linguine, Garlic (My Balls) Bread, and Tap That Ass-paragus Soup are just a few of the recipes you’ll find at Cook to Bang, which has just nabbed a cookbook deal with St. Martins.
[Grub Street]

“Obviously none of us would ever want to come to Midtown over the weekend (M-F is quite enough thank you),” says Midtown Lunch, tempted by the 12 whole lambs that Estiatorio MILOS will roast for Greek Easter this weekend.
[Midtown Lunch]

Serious Eats has a few ideas about what to do with the bhut jolokia, which beat out red savina for the Guinness title of world’s spiciest chile. The bhut jolokia scores about million units on the Scoville scale, compared to the red savina’s 400,000.
[Serious Eats]

Twitter has another fake Restaurant Girl–or is it the first fake RG? The impostor has duped not just regular Tweeters but even Eater with its fake misspellings and reports of RG’s adventures.
[Grub Street]

Josh Ozersky devises the perfect burger for Steak Frites, which is set to become Lucy Browne’s in a few weeks.
[The Feedbag]

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