Week in Review: Music About Being Young from the Perspective of People Who Are Middle-Aged


In the week we talked Charlie Gibson into saying our name, twice, we apparently made fun of the Hold Steady for being middle-aged, although that wasn’t really exactly what we meant to say.

Right wingers still really hate Janeane Garofalo, huh? Other interviews: Smog’s Bill Callahan on his new Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle, Telepathe’s Melissa Livaudais on Dance Mother and monkey costumes, and Korean superstar Jang Sa-ik on screaming for a living.

Live: Rad new Jack White dalliance The Dead Weather, Throbbing Gristle in America for the first time in three decades, the psychedelic lunacy and high production values of Of Montreal, and yelling at Flight of the Conchords.

As in so much else, we have John Waters to thank for “teabagging.” Anal Cunt frontman Seth Putnam is offering “professional services.” The Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice, together again. The Ben Greenman Swamp Dogg collabo is finally here. Universal’s next great white hope. Starter apartments of the literary rich and famous. Frederick Seidel in the Times. Phil Spector finally found guilty. Time to the My Life Caged Behind Phil Spector’s Wall of Sound tell-all? Like all of one day. And in its wake? “STARSAILOR WERE THE LAST BAND TO WORK WITH PHIL SPECTOR!

Rap beef!: “They Put on Wigs, They Buy Dildos, They Put It in They Mouth”

On… Raekwon’s 92-Second “Gorilla Rap,” Bright Eyes’ Cover of “Papa Was a Rodeo,” Fall Out Boy’s Lil Wayne-featuring “America’s Suitehearts” remix, the American Idol top 7, the Street’s twitter deluge, AmazonFail, SleepWhenDead, Younger Than Jesus at the New Museum , and, as usual, Jadakiss’ Last Kiss. See you Monday.

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