New York

Your Quarter to Buy 10 Minutes Less in New Parking Meters


Chicagoans are sore about their expensive privatized parking meters. Here in New York, when our overlords want to squeeze more money out of us, they don’t try anything so likely to get attention. The city has quietly begun changing the time a quarter buys on a parking meter from 30 to 20 minutes. These new rates apply to 47,000 low-rate post meters (upgraded to new, sleeker units than the one pictured, if aesthetics mean anything to you), not the boxy pay-and-display models, and have been quietly rolling out since February. The idea is to raise $16.8 million for the city without raising too many hackles. Citizens interviewed by the Post (“Thanks, Mayor Bloomberg”) and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner are understandably displeased, but Ian Dutton of Community Board 2 kind of likes it: “The more cars we get to turn over, the more we get shoppers running quick errands into the stores.” Photo (cc) grifray.


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