Snuggie Pub Crawl NYC: Comfortably Numb


Photos by John DeSio.

Why drink alone under a blanket on your couch when you can wear that blanket and get cozily sloshed in public?

That was the general gist of the first ever Snuggie Pub Crawl, which urged enthusiasts of the backwards blanket with sleeves to take to the streets and imbibe with one another, here and in Chicago. Eddie Miller, owner of the website and the organizer of the New York event, said that between 250 and 300 people were expected to participate in some fleece blanket festivities.

Miller said he got the idea from the Chicago organizers, David Barnes and Dan Kuthy, who approached him about selling tickets through his site. Miller then decided to throw a similar event right here in Manhattan, and convinced nine bars to join in the fun, including the Village PourHouse on 3rd Avenue at 11th Street, where everything kicked-off on Saturday afternoon.

“We brainstormed, and came up with an idea to do it here in New York,” said Miller, who for a modest $25 admission fee offered participants cheap drink specials throughout the day. “Cheap drinks, good fun, wear your Snuggie. That’s it.”

Inside, revelers donned their Snuggies, cheerfully posed for pictures and, of course, drank. Joey, an NYU student, said he came to the event because he loves his Snuggie, and was looking to mix and mingle with fellow fans of the blanket with sleeves. “The Snuggie itself is a very comfortable product,” he said, adding that he was always looking for a reason to drink in a different atmosphere with different people.

Lisa, from Brooklyn, described herself as being addicted to infomercial products, noting that she also owns the Billy Mays Big City Slider Station, which makes tiny hamburgers easy. She found the Snuggie was hard to find for quite a few months, and only came into possession of one after her husband purchased it for her as a Christmas gift.

Lisa and Joey.

“I’ve been enjoying it since mid-December. And I love it,” she said. Lisa came to the pub crawl to have a few drinks and celebrate the Snuggie. “”What more can you ask for on the first real day of Spring?”

If you’re wearing a fleece blanket you could ask for the weather to be a bit colder. At 75 degrees and sunny, the last thing most people would want to do is wear a blanket and sweat out the day, something Miller admitted had complicated the event. “Maybe April isn’t the best time of the year for the Snuggie pub crawl,” joked Miller, who does not own a Snuggie himself. Given the success of this year’s event, Miller said he expected to host the second “Snuggie Pub Crawl” in November, right after Thanksgiving, when the chilly air might be more conducive to bundling up.

Joey and Lisa were also concerned about heading to the next stop on the pub crawl in their Snuggies, given the heat, but were content to sit inside the air conditioning of the Village PourHouse and share a few laughs. Joey said that he contemplated taking it off for the walk, but did not want to compromise the Snuggie-ness of the pub crawl.

“Snuggie integrity,” said Lisa. They pointed out that several attendees had taken to altering the Snuggie to make them a bit cooler and more fashionable, an undertaking of which they both heartily approved.

“Really, when you’re buying a Snuggie you’re buying a thousand different outfits,” said Joey.

“Yeah,” Lisa added. “A thousand different ways to warmth.”


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