Asher Roth Sons Some Dude Out at NYU


Wednesday’s Village Voice will have our take on Asher Roth’s long-agonized-about Asleep in the Bread Aisle. In the meantime, whatever you think of the guy, it’s hard not to be entertained by this clip of Roth shaking hands repeatedly with a guy who moments before had been mercilessly disparaging the XXL coverboy, not knowing that Roth was backstage. Explains Music Addicts Only:

    So I was at the earth day event last night at NYU..I will go into more detail about it later once all the vids are uploaded but this was the best part of the night due to the fact that Peter Rosenberg was entertaing the crowd trying to see who they liked in the rap game people cheered for most of the “Cover Boys” from the XXL cover(except for a mixed response for Charles) as Rosenberg continued 2 name others he asked about Asher and some random dude in a light blue fitted yelled out “Asher Roth is a tool” as Rosenberg was defending his friends name Asher actually came out from the back. That random dude was quiet the rest of the night lol.

Watch for the blue fitted in the video; he’s the dude shrugging his shoulders in embarrassment as the rest of the crowd cackles at about the the 2:45 mark. [MAD, via 2DopeBoyz]

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