Bad News for Fast Food As Stocks Drop & Schools Say “Stay Away”


Researchers have found that, as the Arctic continues to get warmer, mercury levels in seals and beluga whales, which are eaten by the Inuit in far northern Canada, have reached levels that would be considered unsafe for fish.
[New Scientist]

Lobster wasn’t always considered the fanciest thing on the menu. After all, it’s a sea insect, belonging to the same animal family as spiders and the common bug. Other fancy foods that were once considered low-grade fare? Oysters, foie gras, polenta and sushi.

One stainless steel bottle requires seven times the fossil fuel, emits 14 times more greenhouse gases and causes hundreds of times more toxic risk to people than making a plastic bottle. But if you’re planning to drink more than one bottle of water, it’s still the way to go.
[NY Times]

Following a study that found that teens who study nearby fast-food restaurants tend to be fatter, a Queens councilman has called for legislation to stop such eateries from opening so close to the city’s schools.
[NY Times]

As families allocate less of their spending budgets to eating out, fast-food chains have started to feel the effects and their stocks are dropping. Burgers and fries also face competition from cheap prepared supermarket meals.
[Wall Street Journal]


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