Councilmember Wants Fast Food Zoned Away from Schools


This weekend city councilmember Eric Gioia, who is also running for Public Advocate, said he would introduce legislation to ban fast food outlets within 0.1 miles of city schools. Waving a study that shows proximity to such joints “results in a 2.5 percent increase in the probability of gaining over 20 kilos (about 44 pounds),” Gioia said, “Children are literally being poisoned by their food environments,” and claimed his legislation would help local children “grow up to be healthier, stronger adults.” He is supported by a number of child nutrition activist groups, including National Action Against Obesity, which is also engaged in a boycott of Girl Scout Cookies. (Though it’s not in his release, Gioia said at Fox News that his ban would only apply to new fast food restaurants.)

We understand the drive to keep kids away from junk food, and the advocacy of Gioia’s supporters for the Healthy Schools Act, which would reform school menus, adding more “plant-based” items. We wonder, though, if it might be more cost-effective to get parents to tell their children to stay the hell out of McDonald’s, rather than placing more hassles on local businesses. Where are the kids getting money for Big Macs in the first place? Photo (cc) robad0b.


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