Kanye, Clipse Still “Kinda Like a Big Deal” When It Comes to Rapping


Having basically been left speechlessly happy about this song since the Clipse finally let it go this morning, it’s hard to want to do more than just let the rappers on this track speak for themselves. What to say? This song, if it were done right, was always going to be some perfect mix of startling ambition (the Clipse’s game, from day one) and totally merciless, cocksure pride (Kanye, of course), the three of them paying homage (Pusha: “The flow runnin’ on Big’s heels/My Life After Death, Big ain’t get to see how this feels”) and claiming victory (Kanye: “I guess I’m like the black Marshall meets Jay”) over minimal, obtrusive production (DJ Kalil, wringing a lot of swagger out of little more than an electric guitar). One guess as to whether or not they succeeded.

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